Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life Imitates Art

Just weeks after I made a guess at what sort of flak Rep. Darrell Issa might run into in his investigations of the super-transparent Obama Administration, some of Obama's political allies are wasting no time in gearing up an effort to discredit Issa and slow him down.

This week we have news from Politico that a group of Californian political operatives and others have formed an organization called "The Third Lantern" to investigate Issa and publicize their results.  The "Lantern" has been set up as a non-profit, and according to the Politico story there is no legal requirement to publicly disclose funding sources, which so far they have refused to do.  It sounds to me like they're almost begging some conservative organization to take up its own investigation of the "Lantern."  It's anybody's guess at this point who might be the moneybags behind all this--George Soros?  Bill Clinton? Kim Kardashian?  Who knows, this could even develop enough momentum to become a third rate Washington novel and a fourth rate movie, produced and directed by Sean Penn, with Charlie Sheen making a big-screen comeback as Issa.  I can already imagine myself not watching it.

As for Issa himself, he's not wasting any time either.  His committee has already begun writing subpoenas to obtain documents relating to the "Friends of Angelo" Countrywide mortgage scandal, which will no doubt generate all kinds of overdue anxiety among some current and former public officials, including Chris Dodd.  How sad.

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