Monday, February 21, 2011

Bad Dog!

U.S. Constitution:  "The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."

Obama:  "They talk about me like a dog."

This is some of what has gone on in the past week or so:  

Civil unrest in Tunisia and Egypt has spread throughout Middle East, and this weekend we have news of demonstrations in China.  Gas prices are going up almost daily, with food and commodity prices also on the rise.   The Obama justice department asked the Florida federal judge who ruled Obamacare to be unconstitutional for a clarification on whether or not his order allows the administration to crack down on states that are refusing to continue implementing the health care act.  The House Republicans have passed a "continuing resolution" for this year's budget with $61 billion in cuts, a good piece short of the $100 billion cut they promised in their "Pledge to America." Joe and Jill Biden are on vacation in Florida, while Michelle and the first daughters are skiing in Vail.  Finally, a mob in Wisconsin has shut down the legislature in protest against Governor Scott Walker's plan to help balance the budget by making teachers pay for part of their retirement and healthcare costs.  There have been threats of violence against the Governor and legislators, and members of the mob have gone through the capitol building pounding on windows and doors.  Enough Democratic legislators have fled the state to prevent a quorum that would allow the legislature to proceed with a vote on the matter, which Republicans have vowed they will pass.

Regarding this last item, President Obama has apparently come out in support of the mob, saying the bill the Governor is proposing "...seems like more of an assault on unions." The national Democratic Party through Obama's "Organizing for America" have participated in organizing the protest.  Nancy Pelosi and Rahm Emmanuel have also lent their support. The idea that the President and other federal officials have no business whatsoever in an individual state's legislative deliberations seems to be alien to Obama and his compadres.

So we have here another all-out leftist binge shortly on the heels of the disgusting slander-fest that went on following the Tucson murders.  It's hard not to think that Obama and the left are seizing on any opportunity they can find in an attempt to nullify the results of the November elections, using chaos and disruption to halt attempts to reverse their agenda, and personal attacks on anyone who stands against them.

Now, after two years of Obama as President, we have this state of affairs:  a national economy on its back; massive unemployment; a foreign policy so clueless it would be funny, if the consequences weren't potentially tragic; historically large budget deficits; a bankrupt Social Security system; an energy policy intent on starving the country of energy; a healthcare plan that will help bankrupt the treasury, and drive thousands of doctors out of the profession; Islamic terrorist attacks on American soil, after which the administration refuses to utter the words "Islamic terrorism;" a Justice Department suing a state government for enforcing federal laws; and a President and First Lady who have a taste for high living that, in a time of economic distress and deprivation, borders on being obscene.  

I don't know where I would find the energy and imagination if I were President to screw things up as badly as President Obama has in only half a term.  He's made it look almost effortless, to boot.

The impeachment of a President is something that most people never want to see happen.  It has the potential to tear the country apart, and no one beyond a President's most bitter enemies would be pleased to see a President subjected to such a terrible humiliation.  I don't know of anything as yet that Obama has done that would technically be considered "...Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors," but he seems for all the world to be intent on destroying any institutions, traditions and people that stand in the way of his changing this country into whatever it is he imagines it should be. For instance, in pursuing his delusional theories about economics, he's caused immense pain in the lives of millions of people.  I doubt any prosecutor would take this up, but inflicting this sort of pain on one's own countrymen in pursuit on an ideological agenda must be some sort of crime, I think.

I can't recall another presidential administration (exception, Nixon) where I thought things had gotten so bad that there was any reason at all to think of removing the President from office before his term was over.  I feel differently about Obama.

Obama has been so creative in finding ways to make things worse that I can't possibly envision what exactly he might do, but I think we should be prepared for him at some point to overstep the legal bounds of his authority. He's shown little regard for the authority of the federal courts, for instance, first in defying court orders about banning oil drilling in the Gulf; lately the administration seems to be pretending that the decision striking down Obamacare didn't really happen.  Not that they aren't busy enough already, but I think that Republicans in the Congress would do well to ponder once in a while the possibility that they might need to remove this President from office before his term is over; and that if things come to that, time might be of the essence in protecting the Republic from permanent harm.

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