Monday, October 18, 2010

Sleeping Dogs

From back in June, Chet Nagle, who according to his bio is a retired defense & intelligence guy, talks about the Sestak affair and it's implications:

To judge by just the recent White 
House admissions, it does look like somebody might have committed a serious crime or two. Besides calling for a year in jail, the federal felony in question is an impeachable offense, and Rep. Issa wants the White House to give him a letter stating no emails or memos or documents pertaining to the issues will be destroyed. It seems that even the media are not buying the usual White House pooh-pooh, and Primarygate will not fade away. On top of which, whether or not press secretary Gibbs ever discusses the bribery allegations with his boss, there is another list of domestic and foreign disasters that some think will bring down the president anyway.

Issa will be someone to watch, assuming he becomes chairman of his committee. I have to wonder to what lengths the Obama-friendly media will go in attacking him to distract attention from any damaging revelations that might come out his committee's investigations.

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