Friday, October 8, 2010

Let's go to the tape...

Getting started with where we've been, a search of google finds this at the top: Peter Ferrara concluding his article,  "The Coming Resignation of Barack Obama":

...the key will be the Democrats themselves...After suffering grievous losses in this year's elections, they will have limited tolerance for the above described political pressures and chaos. With the very survival of their party at stake, the Democrats will buckle and desert President Obama, joining the calls for his resignation. At that point, with zero prospects for reelection, and unable to govern effectively, he will resign.

Further to the left (way further) we find writer & cartoonist Ted Rall with a broken heart, mere months after Obama took office (5/29/09):

Obama is cute. He is charming. But there is something rotten inside him. Unlike the Republicans who backed George W. Bush, I won’t follow a terrible leader just because I voted for him. Obama has revealed himself. He is a monster, and he should remove himself from power.

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