Friday, December 23, 2011

Of Cavemen and Flying Dogs

Republican Über-Strategist John Boehner has once again drawn a line in the quicksand and handed President Obama and Democrats another political victory yesterday in the latest round of Washington's budgetary incompetence and misfeasance, this time over the extension of the tax holiday on payroll deductions for Social Security payments.

In Boehner's 11 months as Speaker, he has unfortunately dissipated much of the political advantage he should have been able to use after the 2010 elections to keep the President and congressional Democrats off balance. Instead, he seems to have a deep reluctance or even inability to engage the Democrats in any kind of serious political fight, out of some McCain-esque fear that Republicans playing hardball like Democrats routinely do will somehow make the GOP look like big meanies to the electorate.

With this latest cave-in to Democrats I think he's squandered whatever goodwill he had left among conservatives and Tea Partiers.  Today on the Hugh Hewitt radio show, Hugh opened the phone lines and solicited answers to a simple question: should Boehner be kept on as Speaker, or should he go?  The overwhelming sentiment was he should go.  I have trouble imagining that the Republicans in the House will replace him before the end of this Congress in 2012, but I think this latest cave-in by Boehner giving the Democrats another political victory has seriously harmed his chances for being selected as Speaker again in 2013.

Meanwhile, there has risen up a bit of confusion about the First Dog Bo and his adventures in the space-time continuum.  There are reports that Bo was seen with the vacationing First Lady and daughters in Hawaii, yet today Bo turned up shopping with the President at a D.C. area pet emporium.  Are there two Bo's?  Did the White House really have Bo flown back from Hawaii to appear in a photo op in D.C.?  If so, how much did all that cost?

I think the White House logs should be checked to discover what Bo's actual movements have been.  Who knows what we might find.  Maybe Bo has been taking surreptitious trips between John Corzine's office and Macau, taking as luggage little black bags filled with a billion dollars in cash.  It wouldn't be much stranger than other things we've seen from this White House in the last three years.

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