Thursday, April 14, 2011


To me, one of President Obama's most annoying mannerisms is his frequent use of the word "folks" in his speeches, usually when he is referring to a group of people who hold some belief that he intends to refute.  There often isn't any such group or belief, but our President never lets reality get in the way of making straw man arguments in the pursuit of his agenda.

Yesterday, the President made yet another of his eye-glazing speeches that was so dull it even knocked out the Vice President for a spell.  The thrust of the speech was that Paul Ryan's budget plan is mean and vicious and will keep us from winning the future, and that only by following Obama's economic plan for the future will we be able to remain the glorious country that he and the First Lady want to completely change.  Except he doesn't really have a plan in so many words.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot -- he wants to raise income taxes and close off all those pesky tax deductions that keep the government down in the mouth and scrapping for spending cash all the time.  He's even coined a new phrase for that last bit:  eliminating tax deductions is now called spending reductions in the tax code.  The man is a poet.

In Obamaworld, everyone else is to blame for all the problems we have, and it's never Obama's fault.  In his speech he claimed that his "plan" will eventually cut $4 trillion from the national debt, not once acknowledging that he is the same fellow who in only two years (along with Pelosi & Co.) has added trillions to that very same debt, all in a knuckleheaded Keynesian attempt at stimulating the economy and creating or saving millions of jobs.  In case you haven't been following closely--it hasn't worked.

Meanwhile, down here in Air Force One's no-fly zone things aren't going so well.  Folks are having problems just making ends meet, much less prospering and laying store for the future.  Obama's pursuit of delusional economic ideas is causing all kinds of misery for folks.  Many still are losing their houses. Unemployment remains high, especially among young folks and minorities. Depression and suicide are on the rise.  In general, the bad economy is putting the lives of millions on hold as they wait for a sign that they'll finally have an even chance of successfully pursuing their dreams and plans.

I'm not very familiar with theories of divine punishment, but I hope there is a special place in hell for utopian fools like our President, people willing to impose their vision on the rest of us, against all evidence that their plans ever cause anything but destruction and poverty in the long run. Short of that, I'd like to see one Barack Obama suffer my vision of his presidency ending before he wants it to, followed by a long term as ex-President trying to convince the world that, no, he really wasn't the worst President in the history of the republic, no matter what folks keep saying.

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  1. Agreed. I also hate when he says "as a people"... 'that is not who we are as a people'
    'as a people we are better than that FOLKS'

    Karen in Michigan