Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bully, You Say

Today the White House is hosting a conference on school bullying (they're against it, if you're wondering).  From President Obama's opening remarks:

As parents and students, teachers and communities, we can take steps that will help prevent bullying and create a climate in our schools in which all of our children can feel safe.

Well, sure, we can all agree with that.  Of course the devil is in the details, so who knows if the answers this conference comes up will actually be effective. Persistent problems are always easier to talk about than solve.

Meanwhile, at the state capitol in Madison, Wisconsin, teachers and their supporters have been busy giving us extra-curricular lessons in bullying as they continue their attempts at illegally obstructing the business of the Governor and state legislature, with the assistance (if not direction) of the Obama Administration. Anonymous death threats, property destruction, mob intimidation--they know how to do it all.  Is it going too far to go to a state Senator's residence at 6 am and bang on his windows, demanding he come out?  Apparently not.

I'll bet you a nickel we're not going to hear the President denouncing the bullying aspects we've seen from the demonstrators in Madison.  I'd bet you more, but I'm still paying off bills left over from "Recovery Summer."


  1. Our "Wanna-be" President hasn't the slightest idea why he was put in office! He thinks he knows but he really doesn't!
    He's living in la la Land of idealistic tulips and thinks he can carry on his father's ideals about governing - the "democratic" unway!
    What a foolish person who "bullies" his constituents. Perhaps he isn't an American at all - just a "keep on the fringe" American who emulates his favorite basketball players and rap artists in his off time! He's off the WALL!!!!

  2. Thanks for the comment and reading my blog, I hope I'll hear from you again if you've got something to say.