Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hold Your Tongue While We Grab Your Balls

Okay, so you're a new presidential administration and you've just suffered a historic defeat in your first mid-term elections. What do you do?  Tack to the center and try to find common ground with your opposition, hoping for a better outcome next time?

Apparently, if you're the Obama administration, you make a point of finding a way to piss off anyone who has a grandmother, 3-year old child, or a crotch, and might be planning to take a commercial flight in the United States.

The parade of incompetence from this administration since the November 2nd "shellacking" has been stunning.  I wish I could figure out a way to keep track on a spreadsheet or database, because the truth is that in the past few weeks I've been overwhelmed in trying to understand it all.  From the TSA crotch-grabs, WikiLeaks impotence, botched terrorist trial, floundering foreign policy, announcement of extended oil drilling bans, and on and on, to the apparent unwillingness of the President and his administration to even begin to care that they look more and more like a government operating without consent from the governed--is it really possible that they can't do anything right?

In the past day or two there has been news of negotiations between Democrats and Republicans over renewing the current tax rates.  If this is evidence of some new administration pragmatism, I will be amazed.  I'm afraid that instead we're going to be witnessing the sort of Republican cave-in that has made them so well-loved by conservatives and libertarians all over the nation. We'll find out about that soon enough.

If the President and his administration continue to show themselves to be so completely incapable of governing as they have in the past month, I think the idea that this President should leave before the end of his term will become much more commonplace than it is now.

For another take see Peter Ferrara's latest.

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